Parent Coaching

Do you need help in your parental role?

What is Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is a type of counseling for parents, who learn how to use specific skills and strategies to deal with issues they are facing with their child, as well as ways they can better support their child as they grow.

How does it work?

You can start with 3 simple steps, and book a spot even on the same day.


What are you concerned about?

Answer a few questions on the issue that you want to work on in your family.


Pick the time and date for our meeting

Book the first 50 min online session, even on the same day.


Start speaking with your dedicated parent coach

Join the meeting through the link that you received in your email!

Meet Our Team

We can help you with all
issues concerning your child, such as:

Baby’s first year
Physical needs – sleep, food, toilet
Behavioral issues
Effective limit setting
Screen time management
Sibling relationships
Parental cooperation in parenting
Bereavement, divorce, moving out/away

Parent Coaching at ParentingToday

Is it effective?


Within a few weeks you can see substantial changes in the issue that is troubling you. We’ll discuss how you can actively take the necessary actions to see results, from the stance you will keep toward your child to the specific words you can say in every situation.

Is it reliable?


Our coaches are specialized parent advisors and follow a specific counseling model that ensures its effectiveness.

Is it affordable?


The cost of each Parent Coaching session is €79.

Is it safe?


All discussions take place in a secure environment through our website and are protected by professional confidentiality.

When can I start?


You can start as quickly as on the same day, choosing the day and time that suits you for the first 50-minute online meeting. One or both parents or caregivers can participate in the sessions, form the comfort of your own space. You book the next meetings in collaboration with your parenting coach.

Is it practical?


We do not dwell on theory. We suggest specific ways to respond to your child’s typical behaviors and proven, research-based practices that you can follow for the issue at hand, in practice.

Coaching at ParentingToday is based on Positive Parenting, which:

  • Creates a climate of mutual respect in the family.
  • Gives children the inner motivation to follow their parents’ guidance.
  • Children do better in school, have fewer behavioral problems, and better emotional health as they get older.
  • It enhances children’s self-confidence, cultivates their autonomy and prepares them appropriately for adolescence and adulthood.
  • It helps parents to be more sensitive and supportive of their children, more relaxed and happy in their parenting role.