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How ParentingToday Was Created

ParentingToday was created to support parents in the very difficult task of raising their children by providing advice that guarantees results, through working with specialized parenting coaches in individual 50-minute, online sessions. In the fast pace of modern life, we have singled out this way of supporting parents as the most effective way for them to see meaningful changes around the issues that concern them, very quickly, and with the minimum time investment, while continuing to respond to the high demands of their personal and professional lives.

Our goal

The discussions take place around your own child, and on a specific issue that you would like to discuss and which you find challenging. Our goal for each session is, not only to help you deal with what’s troubling you in the best way possible, but also to give you the knowledge and tools to help you be more effective in your parenting role moving forward. Issues such as unwanted behavior, sibling relationships, school performance, screen management, setting limits, developmental issues, sleep, physical needs, aggression, anxiety and more, for children ages 0 to 18, are withing our expertise and can be dealt with in an optimal way that ensures the smooth development of your child and the strengthening of the parent-child relationship.


[By “parents” we mean any kind of caregiver who has assumed a parental role in a child’s life]

We will be happy to listen to you and find the solution together to what is troubling you in the present time, so that it becomes a distant memory in a few weeks from today.

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We can help you with all
the issues concerning your child

Baby’s first year
Physical needs
Discipline issues
Behavioral issues
School performance
Sibling relationships
Bereavement, divorce, moving out/away
Parental cooperation in the parenting of their child